We offer a tailored selection of hire equipment. Just bring your camera and we can provide everything else. All of our gear uses bowens mounts.

Each studios hire is inclusive of:
- 5 poly boards.
- 4 c-stands. 
- 2 trestle tables
- 5 shot bags
- An industrial clothes rack
- An assortment of wooden chairs and stools.


Kit One - Twining

2 x Godox QT600
2 x Standard dish
1 x 1.5m Photek + 1.2m Octa Box
1 x Wireless  trigger
$125 Full Day / $75 Half Day + GST


Paper Rolls

2.7m white, thunder grey, teal, crimson red, cocca brown and tulip pink. First 2m length included in the rate. $20 per additional m.

$38 per hire each + GST


Beauty Dish

Mola Demi with honey comb grid on bowens mount. Mount quickly modifiable to Profoto, Broncolor and etc.
*Flash not included
$29 per hire +GST


Jiffy Pro 4000 Steamer

The Pro-Line 4000 Series is Jiffy Steamer's most powerful model and is designed for commercial use. Comes with metal steam head.

$35 per hire + GST


Manfrotto Triaut Tripod

Manfrotto's high end commercial tripod  with a geared middle column. Perfect for detail precision work where fine adjustments are required.
$20 per hire + GST


Medium Artist Canvas Backdrops

2x3m: one in Cinematic Grey and a one in Prussian Blue. Hand made on 12oz artist canvas. A collaboration between MCB Studio and Studio Brunswick. For in studio only.

$38 per day, per hire each + GST