Previous projects supported:

2018 - The Body Speaks - Weekly dance project.

2018 - Time Sick Big T-Shirt Rehersals - Archie Barry.

2017 - Boil the ocean - Community art show.

2017 - Blood, take a bow - Archie Barry solo show.

2017 - Mysterious Landscapes - an evening of degustations, craft drinks and contemporary art.

2017 - Assistant in residence - program to support upcoming photographers.

2017 - The Weekly Service - monthly meetings.

2017 - Cross Pollination 1 & 2 - Art and Buddhism workshop.

2016 - Face Feels - Archie Barry solo show.

2015 - Ocean - group show - fundraiser for The Asylum Seeker Research Centre.

2013-2016 - The Canary Press Magazine launches.

2013 - Volcano - group show - fundraiser for Quit Coal



We are offering community grants to people with great ideas and little physical space to realise them in. We want to build on-going relationships with people that will benefit from the space.

What is included in the grant? Access to Studio One, between 6pm-9pm on a weeknight for non-photographic projects. Ideas hoping for on-going access, say weekly, would be considered only following a first successful grant process.

How do I get the grant? Your idea will be considered in relation to how it benefits the local community. We will support community projects only, so no commercial ventures sorry.

Who has received the grant in the past? Previous grants given have been for theatre rehearsals, community group dinner meetings, artists using the space to create larger works, music rehearsals, etc.

Why are you doing this? Over the years we have combined commercial and community ventures together to create a sustainable business, and we are now in a fortunate position to be able to offer back to the community the scarily available resource, creative space, in the form of community grants.

Bring your creatives visions at us! Distill your idea to a single paragraph in the dialogue box below and we will be in contact if your idea fits the grant.

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