Suited for your medium sized productions our studio provides 100m² in a loft style warehouse. Featuring large north facing windows and a 12m wide white plaster wall. Perfect for shooting your campaign and eCom shoots. Need the seamless look? Hire one of our many colour paper rolls and you’ll be shooting portraits and flat lays in no time. Internet? NBN for sending your clients proofs fast.

Best suited for small to medium shots and workshops with up to 15 people.

Included equipment

- 5 x polyboards
- 5 x shot bags
- 2 x clothing racks
- 3 x work tables
- 4 x white plinths
- NBN internet


Diffused glass East and North facing windows. Direct light from the morning until early afternoon.


*See photos as reference as propping in the studio changes from time to time. We also no longer has a cyclorama.