Studio 1



Half day
9am or 1pm start.
4 hours.

Full day
9am start.
8 hours. 


Half day
10am or 2pm start.
4 hours.

Full day
10am start.
8 hours.

Studio One offers a climate controlled loft style studio. With 150m² of floor space, a vast 5m cyclorama, bays of 4m windows and client lounge. On the ground floor and with rear alley access means you can drive to the door and unload directly to the studio. Excellent for full campaigns, large e-commerce shoots and advertising work.

For productions and workshops of up to 20 people.

*A $50 fee and 48 hours notice required for repainting cyclorama white. Otherwise, come as is from the previous shoot.


150 square metres, 4m ceilings, 5m x 5m x 3.5m cyclorama, 5 x poly boards and stands, 5 x 10 KG shot bags, 3 x large trestle tables, chairs, lounge area, Bluetooth speaker, NBN internet, kitchenette and toilets.


4 metre wide bays of diffused glass windows. East and North facing windows. Direct light falling on the cyclorama in the morning.