Studio 2

Studio Two offers your productions an all-white warehouse look with cement floors. Complimented by non-diffused daylight that changes with the day; soft for the morning and clean and contrasty in the afternoon. Positioned to benefit the daylight you have a large 4m x 4m white wall to shoot against.

Best suited for small to medium shots and workshops with a maximum of 8 people. 

*A $50 fee and 48 hours notice required for repainting floor white. Otherwise, come as is from the previous shoot.


    64 square metres, 4m ceilings, white brick and plaster walls and white cement floor, 4 x polyboards and stands, 4 x shot bags, 3 x trestle tables, NBN internet, bluetooth speaker, clothes rack, kitchenette and toilets.


    South and West facing windows that receives direct light in the afternoon.