The fine print to keep us all on the same page.

For a date to be held exclusive for you a 50% deposit is required upon booking. The remainder is due before your booking date.

Cancellations/changes made less than 3 days before the start time of a booking will incur a 50% cancellation fee. Cancellations made less than 24 hours before the start time of a booking with incur a 100% cancellation fee. This includes changes to your bookings for example going from a full day to half day.  

Each photographer is to present their liability insurance prior to shooting. If they don't have any then the photographer responsible for the shoot is to complete and hand in the Liability Waiver to the studio manager on the day. 

Additional hours are charged at a rate of $40 per hour, starting 15 minutes past the hour. Hires beyond 7pm incur an additional overtime fee of $50.

Starts earlier then our open times, 9am weekdays and 10am weekends, will be charged $40 per hour as overtime. For example, if booking a full day and wish to start at 9am on a Saturday you will be charged the $40 overtime and your hire will be from 9am-6pm.

As Studio Brunswick is a collective and has fellow creatives close by, please keep the music and sound level to a talking level.

If you need any of the floors or wall flats repainted prior to your hire they are $50 each and require 48 hours notice.

The studio is expected to be returned in the same shape it is found. If the studios are left in a messy condition, a minimum $55 cleaning fee applies. This applies to the floor too.

Your rubbish is to leave with you - we can handle it for $15 a bag.